FinTech Careers

Your launchpad to Success

We believe that a company grows in line with its employees’ personal and professional development.
Build your own future as you contribute to ours. FinTech is constantly seeking top quality people who will perform to the highest standard within its working environment. We offer a variety of challenging roles – from trading, through to IT, risk management and finance.

Be part of a talented and ambitious team with a determination to succeed.

Here at FinTech we are constantly ensuring that our people are at the leading-edge of their professions. Our staff regularly attend courses in leadership and skills-training programmes and are encouraged and enabled to acquire formal education qualifications, all arranged to enable our staff to administer the levels of service that clients and partners expect.

We can help you reach your potential and together we can create success for our clients, colleagues and communities.

Every applicant is assessed on what they can bring to the company and there are no predefined criteria. We value innovation and individuality just as highly as qualifications.

If you have suitable experience that you feel would be beneficial to FinTech, please contact us.